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7th Grade Life Science Page

Lab Safety
Tools Scientists Use
Classroom Rules and Regulations
Scientific Method
Lab Safety
Cell Division
DNA and Heredity
Evolution and Genetic Variation
Food Chains
Genetics Research Project
Genetic Disorder Topics

Important safety information to use while performing labs.

For your safety and the safety of your fellow students, it is important that you follow the safety guidelines listed below. We will cover this information in class and you will be tested on this material. Students are expected to pass the lab test with at least an 80% to be eligible to participate in laboratories. Students must retake the test until they successfully meet the requirements.

Students who violate the safety rules, whether it be intentional or unintentional may be banned from performing laboratories and will be required to complete an alternate assignment. I can't stress enough how important it is to observe these rules. We may work with chemicals, glass and/or expensive equipment. STAY ALERT!!

Laboratory Safety: please refer to pages 682-685 in your textbook for laboratory safety rules. We will use this information for the test.