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7th Grade Life Science Page

Evolution and Genetic Variation
Tools Scientists Use
Classroom Rules and Regulations
Scientific Method
Lab Safety
Cell Division
DNA and Heredity
Evolution and Genetic Variation
Food Chains
Genetics Research Project
Genetic Disorder Topics

Interactive Quizzes for the study of Evolution 

Directions: For each quiz, choose the best answer and submit the results to Mr. Trester via email. When you are finished with the quiz, click on the CHECK button to correct the quiz. After you have obtained your score, follow the directions to email me the results. It's that simple.  

Interactive Quiz #1

Interactive Quiz #1 en espanol

Interactive Quiz #2

Interactive Quiz #2 en espanol

Interactive Quiz #3

Play the concentration game

The Complete Evolution Website

Nowhere to Hide-An interactive experience.

Peppered Moth Experiment

Mammoth Evolution and Extinction

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