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7th Grade Life Science Page

Extra Credit Page

Tools Scientists Use
Classroom Rules and Regulations
Scientific Method
Lab Safety
Cell Division
DNA and Heredity
Evolution and Genetic Variation
Food Chains
Genetics Research Project
Genetic Disorder Topics

Extra Credit opportunities will be posted here from time to time. These "mini-projects" will be available for you to complete to obtain extra points toward your grade. These will be the ONLY extra credit projects available for the year.

First Quarter Extra Credit Project

This project is worth a grade of A or 100 points. You may choose to add these points to your Homework Grade or Test Grade, or Lab Grade only.

To be eligible for full credit, the assignment must be completed exactly as the directions state. Due dates will be strictly adhered to. This means NO LATE PROJECTS WILL BE ACCEPTED!

The Assignment: Consider what you have learned about the frog experiment we have talked about in class. Using this information and the scientific method we have discussed; carry out an investigation to answer this question: At the forefront of the deformed-frog situation is this concern: Is human health at risk? Do the malformed frogs signal a widespread environmental problem? What steps can scientists take to find out whether humans are also at risk? You are not actually going to do an experiment; instead you are to do research and plug-in the information into your investigation like we did with the frog experiment. I will discuss this further in class.

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